How to Protect Yourself From Black Hat SEO

How to Protect Yourself From Black Hat SEO

In this video, I wanna show you how to protect your site from harmful SEO strategies.

Now, in the previous lecture, we just talked about backlinks and some of the ways that you can create them.

Now, you may have also come across articles or sites like this,, where you can see the option to buy backlinks, and, of course, this seems like the easy solution.

Why create a ton of content when you can just buy something for $5 and get it done?

Well, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and I would encourage you to be extremely careful about offers like this.

I haven’t looked at all these in a lot of detail, but if it’s too good to be true, it generally is.

The reason that you need to be careful about this type of service is not only could it be just a waste of your money, but Google can actually penalize

your site if it sees that you are artificially trying to rank a webpage by manipulating a number of links pointing to a page.

So Google did a big update to their algorithm where how they organize the search results.

It’s called Google Penguin, and this was designed specifically to target and punish sites that use services like this.

So I would encourage you just to build them the normal way and earn them from reputable sites like I showed you in the last lecture rather than use services like this.

And I haven’t looked at this in a lot of detail, but I mean one of the giveaways here is maybe down here.

When will I see results? You should see results within 60 days.

So it’s hard to understand why these reviews are five stars if they are not gonna see results for 60 days. And if you don’t get results, you need to show proof. I think a lot of these business owners

won’t understand how to even show that proof or even how to measure that.

And your site must be nine months old to see the results. So I think a lot of people who use this service have brand new sites, and therefore,

and they’re probably not gonna have nine month old site. So I dunno, I haven’t used this service, but I’m just warning you that you can be punished

if you use services like this that are trying to manipulate the number of links pointing to a page.

So my advice is stay away from this type of stuff and just use the normal link building strategies to re-rank your webpages.

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